Non-Smoking Room

with separate entrance and restrooms

Large Smoking Room


Floor Cards are 2 for $1
Mondays are Wild Number night, every game has a wild number. Monday Night is A Family Night children are allowed to be in the bingo hall but they must play bingo, no infants or toddlers. Also, there is a drawing for 6 free handhelds.

Hourse Race (Pull-Tabs)

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Bingo Games



Feral friends community cat alliance


Our mission is to actively assist the community in reducing feline overpopulation.


We accomplish this mission through an aggressive TNR (trap/neuter return) program and an adoption program to help find homes for tame cats.

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"May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light. May good luck pursue you each morning and night". Irish Blessings quote

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

1st Session 7:30pm

2nd Session 9:00pm


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